FCell Add-In for Excel

The easiest way to use .NET in Excel

FCell Add-In allows you to create UDFs, custom ribbons and task panes, with F#/C#/VB directly in Excel. Similar to VBA your customization code is saved with your workbook and can be run even without FCell installed. Magic!


FCore 2.1 - Productivity and High Performance

Now on CPU and GPU

"FCore" is a high performance numerical library with a dedicated F# API. It means you can now easily develop elegant and succinct numerical code which will seamlessly integrate with .NET platform. At the same time you will get maximum performance on both CPU and GPU via native libraries: Intel Math Kernel Library and Nvidia CUDA. FCore can also bypass .NET 2GB memory limit giving you access to all your memory.

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Intuitive F# Interface
C++ Speed on CPU and GPU
NDim Dense and 2D Sparse
Linear Algebra
Multi-threading Ready
Unlimited Memory
Random Generators
Summary Stats
Vector Functions
Easy Licensing

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March 3, 2015

FCell 3.0 Released

FCell 3.0 Add-In has been released. Now with .NET Calculation Engine and more! See fcell.io for details

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